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Forester Template: Alder

Alders are often stocky trees resembling oaks and have characteristic assymmetric waxy, ribbed leaves, older trees are often twisted and oak-like. Alders are found in temperate regions including North and South America, Europe and Asia. They are common in hedgerows and riversides. Alder trees have a symbiotic relationship with nodules of bacteria that live near their roots and have catkins are reputibly edible. Alder trunks were used as foundations of Venice. the The Alder template provides interesting tree models that add to a diversity of temperate scene.
Template Pack:
Temperate Tree Pack 3
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Tree template packs cost $10 and require the registered version of Forester Pro. You can download the Template packs from our download page. You can purchase a license to unlock the template pack via PayPal below. Your serial code will be sent to you by email immediately.

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